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Find Potential Partner, Licensee or Distributor

We find potential partners, licensees, or distributors if your product, idea or service will have a good chance of success in Japan. 

We then produce a list of potential partners, licensees, or distributors after having contacted potential companies and list those who have positive interest in your product or service.

The list we make will include contact persons in addition to company names, addresses, Tel/Fax numbers and email addresses as well as websites if available.

You are advised to contact potential partners, licensees, or distributors direct, introducing your company with the detail of your product or service on which you wish to achieve success in Japan.

We will be able to follow up your initial approach to those you have contacted if you do not receive any response to your initial approach.

We are happy to hear about your specific need and interest first.  

Then we will do our best to assist you as much as we can.


HI Consulting, Tokyo, Japan


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